The beauty of mindful touch.


4-Hand Session

4-Hand Session

The 4-hand massage is a particularly profound experience in which two experienced and attuned masseurs work together. This unique form of massage promotes deep relaxation and creates a feeling of harmony and well-being through the simultaneous touch of both hands.

Energy work helps you to release and transform blockages

Gentle to firm touches let you slip into a deep trance

Guided breathing, calms the mind and lets you arrive in the here and now

Every session, every component is as unique as you are

Session procedure

The door opens and we greet each other and you can take off your shoes in peace. You are led into a room where you can choose a chair and sit down comfortably. You have probably already noticed a scent or that you have taken a deep breath. The preliminary talk is your moment to arrive, drink a glass of water or tea and feel what is really important to you right now. Afterwards, the shower offers you a chance to let the day drift away and come back to yourself.
Now is your time. From now on, every session is individually tailored to you. Each time as different as we feel.
Rest time allows you to be yourself again and feel complete. Afterwards, the shower flushes everything you no longer need down the drain and you can perceive yourself, fresh, in the here and now. In the follow-up session, we will discuss any unanswered questions, how you are feeling and what has changed. When you say goodbye, you can decide to receive another hug for the journey.

Tao & Tantric Session

4-hand Yin Yang Session - 2std.

Deep calm carried by 2 givers

4-Hand Tao Massage - 2std.

according to Russel/Kolb

4-Hand Tantra Session - ca. 2 std.

The interplay of synchronous and asynchronous movements

How do I plan an appointment?

For the 4-hand sessions, two people from the team must be free at the desired time.

Therefore some planning is important.

Questions you should ask yourself before contacting us:

I would like a 4-hand session with 2 women, 1 woman and 1 man or 2 men?

Which 4-hand session do I want?

Would I like the session on the massage table or futon?

Which days and times suit me best?


You are welcome to answer these questions in the contact form so that we can make this special moment possible for you more quickly.

Difference between Yin Yang & Tao & Tantra 4-hand?

The Yin Yang session is a very gentle, calm session. It can take place on the massage table and futon.

The Tao session according to Russel/Kolb has a fixed sequence and takes place on the massage table.

The Tantra session is more dynamic with synchronous and asynchronous elements. It can take place on the massage table and futon.

What do I need to know about the 4-hand tantra session?

The 4-Hand Tantra Massage is a very special experience in which two experienced and well-rehearsed masseurs work together synchronously as well as asynchronously.

The interplay between synchronous and asynchronous strokes challenges the brain, the nervous system and the whole body.
The body can follow synchronous strokes and usually tries to find out who is where. If the giver then goes into asynchronous strokes, the brain can no longer follow and this is where the magic happens. In order to process these stimuli, the body feeling and sensing of the body becomes stronger, the brain no longer tries to follow and you flow into the pure body feeling.

Synchronous pauses allow you to swing back and forth between the two, creating a more intense and profound experience of self-awareness.

This massage is not suitable for beginners. You should have experienced at least 2 massages to take advantage of it.

This massage can only be performed by masseurs who are well attuned to each other. There can be two women or one woman and one man giving the massage.

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