The beauty of mindful touch.


Single Session

Tao & Tantra Session

A Tao & Tantra individual session is a way to make Tao & Tantra tangible, because there is so much more than just massage. However, massage is the part of Tantric & Taoist philosophy that is most widely practiced. Through touch, paired with conscious breathing, we enter a deep calm state that connects us with ourselves. Nothing is important anymore.

Energy work helps you to release and transform blockages

Gentle to firm touches let you slip into a deep trance

Guided breathing, calms the mind and lets you arrive in the here and now

Every session, every component is as unique as you are

Session procedure

The door opens and we greet each other and you can take off your shoes in peace. You are led into a room where you can choose a chair and sit down comfortably. You have probably already noticed a scent or that you have taken a deep breath. The preliminary talk is your moment to arrive, drink a glass of water or tea and feel what is really important to you right now. Afterwards, the shower offers you a chance to let the day drift away and come back to yourself.
Now is your time. From now on, every session is individually tailored to you. Each time as different as we feel.
Rest time allows you to be yourself again and feel complete. Afterwards, the shower flushes everything you no longer need down the drain and you can perceive yourself, fresh, in the here and now. In the follow-up session, we will discuss any unanswered questions, how you are feeling and what has changed. When you say goodbye, you can decide to receive another hug for the journey.

Tao & Tantric Session

Yin & Yang Session - 2 std.

Gentle and harmonious preparation for classic tantra sessions

Tao Session - 2 std.

Gentle Taoist massage according to Russel/Kolb

Tantra Session - ca.2 std.

Mindful touch and breathing, brings you into harmony with yourself

Sexological therapeutic session

Lap area / pelvic floor - 1.5 hrs.

Release tensions & emotions for more mobility & lightness

Therapeutic prostate session - 1.5 hrs.

Preventive, in case of problems or after an operation

Discussions and advice - 1 hour.

Personal themes, breathing exercises, meditation, mantras and much more.

What is a Yin Yang session?

The Yin Yang session is a gentle full-body massage that touches body and soul. The hands glide over the body like water, releasing tension and revitalizing the body’s sensations. Using fine strokes without strong pressure, the Yin Yang massage provides effective stimulation, releases muscle tension and creates a new body sensation through gentle tension and relaxation. The feeling of security promotes energetic harmonization.

The massage takes place on the massage table.

What is a taomassage according to Russel/Kolb?

The TAO massage according to Russel/Kolb takes you into a world of relaxation and conscious awareness. This original Taoist healing massage gently awakens sexual energy and harmonizes it in the body. Through clear structures and slow touches, based on the meridian teachings, you will experience an alternation between deep relaxation and subtle stimulation. Short breaks stimulate the process of integrating the touch and sharpen your perception of the body.


The massage takes place on the massage table.

What is a tantra session?

“Holistic tantric massage: a loving journey to yourself”

The session can include various elements, e.g. breathing techniques, meditation, voice (mantra/chanting), touch, massage, dynamics through movement.


The tantric massage can help you to deal with shame and come into loving contact with your own body. By touching the body attentively, we create an awareness of the “I” as a whole. The alternation between long strokes and selective touches in combination with holding and pauses for integration allow you to glide into deep relaxation until you forget space and time.

The tantric massage is very popular for reducing burn-out, high stress and depression, as it calms the nervous system through the holistic touch and stimulates the feeling of feeling oneself again.


This massage can take place on a massage table or futon.

What do Tao & Tantra have to do with sexuality?

Tao and Tantra see the human being as a whole; sexuality is not excluded here, as in many other lifestyles, religions and philosophies. It is seen as an integral part of our ego and life.

The philosophy and practices (meditations, yoga, mantra, chanting, massages, …) of tantra support the path of perceiving the self, the moment and everything that surrounds us. The teachings repeatedly speak of feminine and masculine energies that are present in every human being. These can be thought of as yin and yang.


Tao and Tantra therefore acknowledge that sexuality is a part of us and that it can be used as a source of strength in various ways. It is important to note that sexuality does not mean sex.

What is a pelvic session?

Pelvic floor and pelvic area healing is a holistic approach to strengthening and harmonizing the pelvic floor and pelvic area. Through targeted exercises, breathing techniques and mindful touch, tension is released, energy in the pelvis is freed and emotional balance is promoted. This session can help to improve physical health, deepen your connection to your own body and promote a sense of inner balance and mobility.

This session can help with pelvic floor pain and limited mobility. It can also relieve sharp pains in the genital and/or anal area.

It is a wonderful opportunity for women to reconnect with their own femininity. It can also help to revive caesarean section scars and a possible reduction in sensation.


This session can take place on the massage table or futon.

What is a therapeutic prostate massage?

Therapeutic prostate massage is a medical technique that aims to promote prostate health. Through targeted massage of the prostate tissue, tension can be released, blood circulation improved and potentially inflammatory conditions reduced. This form of massage can be part of a holistic treatment for various prostate conditions.

Procedure: The pelvic floor is loosened and massaged, the anal area is prepared, the internal prostate massage is initiated, the pelvic floor and lower back are massaged and then you have a moment to feel.

No pressure, no need. If the body is not relaxed enough for the internal massage, nothing is forced. It will be decided whether the massage of the pelvic floor should be extended instead.


The PSA value can remain elevated for 3-4 days after the massage.

What is a coaching / consulting session?

Somatic coaching is a body-oriented coaching method based on the connection between body and mind. It aims to release emotional blockages, reduce stress and increase general well-being through the conscious awareness of physical sensations and movements. The focus is on integrating physical experiences to promote mental and emotional change. Somatic coaching can help to develop a deeper understanding of personal patterns and thus support positive changes in life.

What are the sessions not?

The sessions are not erotic massages with the goal of orgasm. We do not offer body to body or other sexual services.

If you are looking for such services, then you have unfortunately come to the wrong place.

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