The beauty of mindful touch.



Tantra Sessions

The tantra sessions are an opportunity to make tantra tangible, because there is so much more than just the massage. However, massage is the part of the tantric philosophy that is most prevalent. Through the touch, paired with conscious breathing, we come into a deep calm state that connects us with ourselves. Nothing is more important.

Energy work helps you to release and transform blockades

Gentle to firmer touches let you slip into a deep trance

Guided breathing calms the mind and lets you arrive in the here and now

Every session, every component is as unique as you are


The door opens and we greet each other and you can take your shoes off in peace. You will be led into a room where you can choose a chair and sit comfortably. You have probably already noticed a scent or that you took a deep breath. The preliminary talk is your moment to arrive, drink a glass of water or tea and feel what is really important to you right now. Afterwards, the shower offers you the opportunity to let the day wander and to arrive at you. Now is your time. From now on, each session is individually tailored to you. Each time as different as we feel. Rest time lets you be completely for yourself again and feel complete. The shower then flushes everything you no longer need down the drain and you can perceive yourself, fresh, in the here and now. In the follow-up discussion, we will discuss any open questions, how you are feeling right now and what has changed. When saying goodbye, you can decide to receive a hug for the way.