The beauty of mindful touch.



Tao & Tantrasession for Couples

The couple session is a way to make Tao & Tantra tangible, because there is so much more than just the massage. However, massage is the part of tantric philosophy that is most widely practiced. Through touch, coupled with conscious breathing, we enter a deep calm state that connects us to ourselves. Nothing is more important. A couple's session is a special moment of trust and deep connection.

Strengthen trust by consciously opening up to your partner

Reconnect with yourself and relax

Meeting mindfully and consciously in the here and now

Build a deep connection with yourself and your partner

Questions to discuss before booking

Why do we want a session?
What expectations and wishes do we have?
Is it okay if our partner is touched by another woman/man?
Do we have any special concerns regarding intimate touch?
Do we want to be touched in our intimate area at all?
Is there anything that needs to be discussed before the session?
(Restrictions, illness, trauma, ....)
Do we want a woman and a man or two women for the session?

Procedure of a couple session

You are welcomed, can take off your shoes and arrive in peace. We sit down comfortably and take a sip of water. You may have already looked around the room and taken a deep breath. The preliminary talk is a time to discuss how you are feeling, what questions and fears you still have and what needs to be taken into account. Once everything has been discussed, you will have the opportunity to take a shower together so that you can leave your everyday life behind and embark on this journey together. Afterwards you will come into the room and together we will go back into the yes, the conscious permission and start slowly.

Separate or shared room

Separate rooms: After the permission ritual you will be separated and each of you will have your session in a different room. At the end we will bring you back together by leading one back to the other in the room. You will then have time for yourselves. Shared room: Everyone gets their session on their futon in the same room. Everyone has their own space and yet you are together. Due to the way the room is set up, we will bring you together again and again during the session (e.g. your hands will touch). At the end of the session you will have time for yourselves to cuddle and come back to the here and now. At the end of both options, you will have time for yourselves to reflect. There will be drinks and something to snack on. When you are ready, you can shower together. In the follow-up discussion afterwards, any unanswered questions are answered and you discuss how you feel and what has changed. When you say goodbye, you can decide whether you would like to receive a hug for the journey.

Procedure for a couple's session with the massage therapist

This session is for couples who want to actively take something away and learn.
One of you can enjoy while the massage therapist touches one of you together.
So one of you is in the active part and one in the passive part. It can be discussed whether only one of you receives or whether you want to alternate so that everyone receives once and gives once. This is an opportunity to venture into tantric massage with your partner in confidence. This can deepen the connection between you. Important: When booking an appointment, please let us know if you have knee problems or other restrictions so that we can adapt the session. This can take place on the floor futon or on the massage table.

Tao & Tantric couple session

Yin Yang Session - 2,5 std.

Can take place in separate rooms or in a shared room.

Tao Session - 2,5 std.

Can take place in separate rooms or in a shared room.

Tantra Session - ca. 3 std.

Can take place in separate rooms or in a shared room.

Tao & Tantric Session

Tantra Session - ca. 4 std.

Can take place in separate rooms or in a shared room.

Tantra zu dritt - 2 std.

You will be massaged by the mssage therapist and your partner.

Tantra zu dritt - 3 std.

You will be massaged alternately by the massage therapist and your partner.

Which couple session is good if you have no experience yet?

You would like to try something special, but have not yet had any contact with Tao or Tantra. We make various recommendations for beginners:

Yin Yang massage is for absolute beginners who want to immerse themselves in holistic touch.

Tao is a session with a set procedure, which takes place on the massage table. During the massage, the recipient is naked, which is a first step towards getting to grips with the subject.

The tantric massage is more dynamic and includes a more ritualistic framework with various elements such as breathing and meditation.

You are welcome to book a call for advice.

We always have a preliminary talk to clarify any questions and to address your fears and wishes. It is a special moment for couples and we want to make it as beautiful as possible so that it enriches your relationship.

We don't know if it is better to request the session with two women or one woman and one man?

For women in particular, this is an issue that should be considered carefully. Do I feel more comfortable with a woman or a man?

Some women feel safer being touched and massaged by a woman. Others feel more comfortable with a man. The same applies to men.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable.

Feel what happens when you think about a woman or a man touching you. What happens in your body, with which thought does it relax and with which does it start to tense up?

Do I have to allow myself to be touched intimately? I've seen this on YouTube and read it on the Internet.

You don’t have to do anything. Intimate touch is not a focus or a must in massage, even if this is often hyped on the internet.

There are various intimate meditations that are designed to increase awareness and mindfulness in the intimate area in non-sexual contact. Most people only know the path and the pressure to either go to orgasm/ejaculation or to suppress it.

If you take this pressure and these thoughts out of the room, the question arises:

“What do I actually feel when I don’t have to?”

You decide for yourself whether you want to explore the answer to this question or not.

Can you organize something special for the anniversary/wedding day or other special occasion?

As the session itself is already a special moment, we would be delighted to help you make it unforgettable.

Please contact us and we will discuss whether your wish is possible and how.

What happens in a session with the massage therapist?

Tantra for three is a special opportunity to massage your partner together with someone from the team. The beauty of this is that you are involved and learn in the moment. Afterwards you can repeat and extend this moment at home.

In the 2-hour session, only one person can give and receive.

In the 3-hour session we alternate so that each of you can give and receive once.

Please let us know before the appointment if you have knee or back problems. The session will be adapted accordingly.