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Our Team

Stella Witry

Founder of Tantra Luxembourg, Owner of Stella Bodywork, Lead Teacher & Practitioner, Sexological Bodyworker
The tantric philosophy has accompanied Stella on her way since 2008. The topic of sexuality and the embodied emotional world of each individual has always fascinated you. Her passion for sexuality and the world of emotions has its roots in her own life story. Through her own experience of abuse and later labels of the untreatable borderliner, the point came where she decided to take responsibility for her life and to look for a solution. She took the first step and years of self-awareness followed, learning and researching about sexuality, feelings and self-expression. Today - still learning - she passes on her knowledge and experiences to others and accompanies them on their way to themselves. For an authentic life that feels good and right - out of their own self. "I'm not saying it's easy." I say: "I'm worth it." I speak German, English, Luxembourgish and French.